The GymQuin.

“So, explain to me again what it is you’re doing” I sigh inwardly. When I came up with the GymQuin, I had no idea it would confuse people so much… “So, I’m swimming 12 miles in a pool, cycling 560 miles on a gym bike and then running 131 miles on a treadmill” “WHAT??? But… Continue reading The GymQuin.

Day 4

Well, I knew that this was going to tough but yesterday was a shocker. The day in general was a lot colder and I massively struggled in the lake. I’m not known for my ability to handle the cold and just over half way through the swim I just felt unbelievably cold and got out. Lou… Continue reading Day 4

Day 2

Another day another chilly swim. I had some company from Lou Dutch and we broke the laps up with a couple of tea breaks where I muttered about being cold. Blar blar blar. The bike was a bit too much Bender and I was instructed to ‘get in the pain cave and do 10 laps on… Continue reading Day 2

Day 1

Today started with very refreshing swim. When I say refreshing I actually mean bastardly cold but after adding yet more neoprene, I finally finished so I could throw tea over myself The bke started with yet more ‘refreshing’ rain but soon cleared and was a blur of Bender and toast and marmite. And a back… Continue reading Day 1