Denial? Maybe.

I announced to the world (ok, Facebook) that I was going to Embrace The Recumbent a while back and I had every intention of doing so… Honestly.

Ok, I may have still been dreaming of the day when I could ride a road bike, pain (ish) free again. I’m not very good at giving up on things you see, you may have noticed that.

Over the years I’ve tried almost everything but the one thing I have never had done for my back was an MRI, just because of the cost. Last year though, I found my local Chiropractic College offered them at a fraction of the price and I decided to go for it.

My (slightly deluded) hope was that we would see the problem and it could be magically fixed, ta-daa! I was warned by my physio that this probably wouldn’t happen, but I never listen to anyone and also, from an anatomical point of view, I really wanted to see what was going on.

So the results came in and they showed what we expected, which is my Hypolordosis. And boy, can you see that! But everything else was pretty much what you would expect for someone my age etc.


This kinda messed my head up and sorted it at the same time (I was at the Lanza Swim Camp at the time, so I had time to think whilst I swam) I decided that I would try and ‘fix my Hypolordosis’. The internet said I could and that’s always right, right?

I also decided that no matter what, I was riding the Enduroman Triple on the road bike. I just can’t face that course with the recumbent. I also don’t think I would make the bike cut off.

Once I was back from Lanzarote, I set to researching the best exercises for helping Hypolordosis and I have been doing my exercises 5 days a week (should be 7, I know…). These are to stretch my hip flexors, strengthen my glutes and core. I’m also working on a few other areas, including my hamstrings which are made of wood apparently.

Is it working? It’s too early to say and I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m going to keep going up to the Triple and reassess after. Two years ago when I attempted the same event, I swore I would never put myself through that level of pain again, but I never listen to anyone…



One thought on “Denial? Maybe.

  1. Hi Claire,

    As a keen ‘endurance event-er’ (albeit more in mind than being), I can certainly draw parallels with the whole ‘back-pain’ scenario…

    At 18 I joined the military (reserves) and that was I suppose my first venture into map-reading, multi-day activities and load carrying (all of which I loved)… what I now see is that 24 years later… the body appeared to be made of rubber and caution could be thrown to the wind with apparent ease…

    Not quite the same story nowadays… I had an MRI a few years back and had dehydration of the vertebral discs in the lower back (whenever I ‘Google’ this it references degenerative disc disease but I’m sure I ignore the ‘disease’ bit)… the doctor said that my lower back muscles appear very strong and my fitness level is good, but advised that heavy load carrying isn’t the best route to success…

    We discussed what things would be good for minimising pain and discomfort associated with this and ironically the route to success IS the route to discomfort… continuing the hill-walking, continuing weight bearing etc… albeit with a little more ‘care’…

    So I decided to ditch the military boots and their ability to amplify hell-strike pressure throughout the body and go for better footwear, Sorbothane insoles, concentrate on posture, and see where that goes…

    The jury’s out currently as I never do enough events to get any kind of useful data, but I still can do it and I still enjoy it… the ‘long game’ approach to events and the internal psychological warfare we inflict on ourselves is as much the challenge as the rain, incline, weight and strategy…

    Hopefully will be entering the Brutal MMM Bergen event next month and look forward to the pleasures of Brecon…

    Best of luck with your endeavours…

    Si 🙂

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