Just f*cking eat!

So, this has obviously not gone as planned and I definitely didn’t get the Deca finish I wanted… but what I have got out of the whole experience has still been pretty life changing.

Aside from the cold water, realistically my food issues were always going to stop me from finishing a Deca. I was just not able or (more importantly) willing to take on the calories my body needs. Some of this stems from an eating disorder and some just from the fact that I lose my appetite during these types of endurance events (as do many) and I just gave in to that, i.e. ‘I feel sick and don’t want to eat… so I won’t’.

I have to say that I feel a bit stupid about the above now. I do tend to think that my determination / stubbornness will get me where I need to go, sometimes it does… but not in the case of a 10 day triathlon.

In the past, I have only eaten when I get hypoglycaemic symptoms, which is way too late by that point. I guess I have just tried to avoid eating as much as possible, which is just plain stupid and this week has really hammered that home to me.

I have managed to finish some long races on very little food but I just get slower and weaker. With the Deca, I need to play the long game and understand that the food I eat that hour is fuel for the next. The big meal I eat at the end of the day, fuels the swim etc etc.

I am pleased with the fact that the 3 (and a half) iron distances I completed were in a reasonable time (for me) and I have come away injury free. Coach Rob has massively helped me with my open water swim technique and run strategies and said that from a physical perspective, he is confident that I can finish a Deca. I just need to nail this calorie thing…

So where does that leave me? Sat in Starbucks writing down everything that worked and devising a plan to enable me to start the Switzerland continuous Deca in 11 weeks time with the best chance of actually finishing it!

Massive thanks to everyone who has supported me on this (very long and on going) journey. I really hope that I’m not driving you all mad with my endless attempts… (I’m doing my own head in!) Rest assured, I will absolutely do this. X

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