10 standard triathlons in 10 days. Not big or clever but really good training, both physically and mentally.

Good for…

• Training my brain to not make excuses when it’s gets tough.

• Working out new and inventive ways to fit training into my already busy days (run to gym, do spin class, then swim and run home).

• Seeing something through to the end and the confidence that that brings.

Bad for…

• Ignoring my body asking for a rest (this is both good and bad)

• Having any kind of life other than training, working, sleeping and eating. But I’m pretty used that anyway…

How do I feel after? Absolutely fine, in fact I could do it all again if I had to. Probably because I completed most of it at a easy pace (apart from the Spinning and couple of the runs and swims I did as speed sessions). It did get a little dull though tbh… 😉

The only really tricky bit was continuing my (really quite tough) gym classes in the evening. (3 Pump and 2 HIIT Sports Training per week) But I just wasn’t prepared to stop them for 10 days. One reason was because my daughter wants to go and I don’t want to let her down or make it harder for her to keep up her gym habit. And the other was that I wasn’t prepared to lose the gains I have made by missing them, especially in Pump (weight training).

I do plan to do some more of these types of training blocks and increasing the distance but not until March / April. For now, it’s back to some speed stuff during the week and longer at the weekends.


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