Ups and downs…

January is a rubbish month but a busy one for Brutal. People often ask me what I do in the off season and it’s a pretty dull answer – Admin. And lots of it. The behind the scenes stuff for events is boring but very necessary. Forms, risk assessments, event plans, meetings etc etc.

Training has been going well. I am enjoying my weights and HIIT stuff in the gym at the moment. Most of my training is on my own, so the group aspect of these 4 sessions a week is really nice and does wonders for motivation.

Last weekend I hit the Jurassic Coast Path and ‘ran’ from Weymouth back to Christchurch (home) which was just over 50 miles and had a fair few hills!! ( I was pretty tired from that weeks training, so I was pleased with the outcome and mentally, did not have any problems whatsoever.


The ONER DOMS is always evil as… but other than that and a couple of blisters, I felt good after Saturday’s effort. My body is getting good at bouncing back after I put it through crazy shit.

Mentally though, this week has not been so good. We lost my uncle on Monday morning and although it was expected, it was tough. He wasn’t that old, quite close to my brother’s age and as we said goodbye to Alan, I found myself looking at Nick and thinking that this must be even harder for him right now. He has been an amazing support to Alan, my mum and me through all this. These things bring you closer to the people you love I think…

In other news, McBender is almost ready, so another trip to Scotland is on the cards. And then I will be learning to ride a real recumbent… apparently this needs to be filmed!!

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