12 hours and counting…

In just 12 hours I will be starting a 12 mile pool swim, which is really just a warm up for the following activities… 560 miles of horror on a recumbent gym bike and finally a 131 miles of treadmill torture.


Before that though, my favourite part… The Great Big Event Pack. This involves throwing everything you own to do with triathlon in those massive Sports Direct bags. And then unpacking it all to attempt to reduce it down to a ‘sensible’ amount. And ending up with the same massive pile of crap you started with.


Some of the Very Important Things I have packed for this challenge include:

Rice Pudding. This has been a life saver for me, as race nutrition has always been something I have struggled with and these work a treat.

Bananas. I will probably eat one and the rest will sit at the bottom of the bag waiting for me to find them on Tuesday morning.

Pot Noodles. Curry flavour obvs. Endurance events are the only time where a dirty Pot Noodle is absolutely fine.

Red Bull. I used to have a bit of a Red Bull habit (started by a certain Mr Haywood during A2A support) These days, I let myself indulge every now and again…

Fruit Pouches: As per the previous blog, a great find during the last Deca.

H2Pro Hydration Tablets: This challenge will be all about staying hydrated and cramp-free as the pool is about 100 degrees and I imagine the gym is going to be a tad on the warm side too…

Allergy Tablets: I have two big concerns about the next five days. The first is allergies in the pool. The last big pool swim I did a few years ago, my asthma kicked off pretty badly after about 4 hours, so tomorrow I’m going to take a tablet before I start and hope it works!

Painkillers: The second worry I have is my IT band and Achilles…. Ah well, WCPGW. As TC would say…

I will keep my blog updated as I have some time on my hands over the next few days (after the swim of course) and if you haven’t already donated…




…and if you have, THANK YOU!





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