The next crazy thing…

So, it’s been almost 2 months since I have done anything stupid (well, it hasn’t but I’m not telling you what I did the other day…) and I feel the need to smash my body and mind again.

Next Thursday I will be the first (can’t imagine why) person to take on the mighty (and probably extremely boring) GYM QUIN!! Yes, that is what it sounds like. A Quin Distance Ultra Triathlon. In a Gym. BOOM! And to top it off, it’s in a continuous format. So, that’s…

12 mile pool swim

560 mile on an indoor bike

131 mile treadmill run


I’m giving myself around 100 hours to get it done and at least I don’t have to worry about getting hypothermia during this little challenge. Dehydration and heatstroke will be my new BFFs.

I have the same awesome crew joining me again (minus Mark – apparently he’s ‘earning a living’ whatever that means… 😉 )  but Martin, Rob and Lou are coming to support the crazy and ensure that I drink / eat enough (tea and toast, anyone?) and hopefully I won’t tell anybody to ‘f@ck off’ this time…

BUT… I need to be serious for a moment… I am taking on this challenge for a good reason. My uncle Alan was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year (Astrocytoma). He had surgery, Chemo and Radiotherapy, but a few months ago it came back and the results have been devastating. Alan is now very ill and only has weeks to live.

Brutal Duathlon - 15.3.15

We are a close family and it’s hit us hard and I guess this is my way of dealing with it. Trying to raise some funds for The Brain Tumour Charity and creating more awareness about the disease. If Alan knew what I was doing (he is in a very confused state now) he would roll his eyes and call me a muppet!

So, please, please support me next week. Donate what you can afford (who needs presents??) share it with your friends / family and send me messages telling me to stop whining and speed up!

You can donate here…

And I will be keeping you all updated via Facebook, Twitter and this blog.

I will try to finish before Christmas…

P.S. BIG thanks to The Gym, Jack Oat Bars and BetterYou Supplements

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