You only fail…

…when you stop trying.

And I have no intention of giving up on finishing a Deca!  The two main issues with the last attempt were bike speed and the cold water, Bender the trike is too heavy and me and cold water do not get on!  But you can’t let little things get in the way of completing 10 ironman distances in 10 days…

So last week I visited David from Laid Back Bikes ( in Scotland to look at my recumbent bike options. It was a really interesting meeting and I learnt loads about ‘bents’ and also got to ride my first two wheeler (not as difficult as I thought, but still not easy!) David is really passionate about recumbents and very helpful. He suggested the Challenge Fujin SLII would be my best option to get my average speed up to where a normal road bike would be for the Deca.

I will need to go back up to Scotland in the new year for fitting etc. but basically this is what McBender-Furkin will look like… Exciting!!


Now that we are into the colder weather, I have started sea swimming* again. Something I just LOVE** I have acclimatised before during the winter so I know it makes a massive difference, both to the way I handle the cold and also my confidence. But I really struggle making myself go, luckily I have a great swim buddy, Lou Dutch (in training for the Quin). She is super hardcore and makes me push myself to stay in a little longer (about 3 seconds…)


I managed 10 minutes in skins last week, but was definitely feeling it once I was out. I find during the winter, the wetsuit is a waste of time and also, incredibly hard to remove when you can’t feel your hands!! I do use gloves and booties though. Post-swim it’s all worth it and you get such a good buzz from it. I’m hoping to stay at 10 minutes through out the winter and once we get to April get the wetsuit back on and up the distance in time for May.

May 18th is the date of Deca V3. And as much as I wanted it in Dorset, I couldn’t get any bike route to work safely, so it’s now going to be based at Box End Park ( This is a cracking venue and the manager is really helpful and supportive. The bike route is on open roads unfortunately, but they are quiet and great condition, so shouldn’t be too much of an issue (as long as I have learnt to ride the two wheeler by then!)


So it’s back to the training now for the next 5 and half months, I do have another ‘little’ challenge before then, which I will share next week…



* It’s not really swimming, more breast stroking on the spot, whilst swearing continuously.

**I really don’t love it at all.

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