The bit before…

The day before:

I met Martin (Enduroman triple finisher) for Starbucks and Sainsbury’s shopping and the my folks arrived and we got started on putting up the tents etc.

I wish we could have set up a bit earlier, so we had the chance to relax a bit. But once the wind and rain had stopped (!!!) we sorted everything and got the kettle on.

I have to admit that the event timing is stressing me. I really want it to work so much, but there is a lot to it and it’s adding pressure to myself and the crew (although they don’t seem particularly worried – just me then!)

Once Mark ‘Ugly 10 Deca’ Yates had turned up, we had chips and more tea and after going through the general plan for day 1, hit the sack.

I have a 4 man tent to myself borrowed from Martin and super comfortable army ‘cot’ (not an actual cot but pull up bed!!) from Mark. My daughter convinced me to bring the winter duvet as well as my sleeping bag and I’m glad I did. I also sleep in leggings, ski trousers and 3 layers on top, hat and gloves. Did I mention I feel the cold??

I sleep pretty well although I wake up a lot to check the time and as I thought I would be, am up before anyone else in camp. I force myself to stay in bed though, as it’s cold and I know I’m going to need as much rest as possible.

So, in about 90 minutes, I will start the Deca. I’m stressing over how cold the swim will be (it’s ‘only’ 2.4 miles!!) and how slow I’m going to be… but there’s nothing I can do now other than keep moving forward.

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