Enduroman Triple 1 – Brutal Claire 0

I don’t want to write this blog because I don’t want to think about the week before last, but here goes…

I went into the triple feeling better then I have for a long time. I had trained pretty well and had changed things up, which had resulted in a rise in my strength and some weight loss.

So what went wrong?

Well, the swim was fine. I was chilly but never properly cold. My speed was nothing special but I as I left the changing rooms I met TC just going in… I won’t repeat what he called me, but that made my day… 😉

The bike was what I expected. Long and painful. My strategy was to ride 2 laps, then stretch out while eating and I pretty much stuck to this and it worked as I was able to ‘manage’ the back pain. The last 10 laps became tricky and by the last 4 or 5, I was in a mess, just completely worn down with the constant pain. Even as I type this 11 days later, I am still getting a lot of pain and the right lower side is 50% numb.

I was thrilled to get off the bike and start the run. I did about 4 laps but it was clear that I needed a break. TC suggested I had an hour while it was still dark, which I did. Waking at 04:30, I cracked on with the 68 laps I still had to do.


I never stopped again after that sleep, just for a couple of food breaks etc. But I was just too slow, especially once it got dark. I was falling over so many times. Bloody roots!!

The other issue was that although I had great support from my family and the lovely (double enduroman) Lou Dutch, I really needed a dedicated support person. Someone to say that I needed to speed the fuck up or else I wouldn’t finish…

Never once during this event did I ever think of quitting. Never once did I think that I wouldn’t finish. When it became clear that I actually wasn’t going to, I fell apart. I was broken-hearted and cried for over half an hour.

So what’s next… Well I AM giving up triathlon for sure. But… I can’t finish on a dnf, can I???


One thought on “Enduroman Triple 1 – Brutal Claire 0

  1. Your effort was utterly astounding. It was a privilege to see you give it your all and be on the same race track as you. Total Legend. No Regrets.


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