A blog about BOB.


This is BOB.

I’m not the kind of girl who normally names her bikes or cars, but for some unknown reason this bike is called BOB (you have to say it like Black Adder obviously).

I haven’t really bonded with BOB. I didn’t feel that rush of excitement when I chose him in the bike shop. Nor did I count the days down until I picked him up.

The reason for this is because BOB is a Hybrid.

Poor BOB.

After many conversations with bike lovers and people who are probably sick and tired of me moaning about my back pain, I decided that I would try a Hybrid. I have been fighting with this for the last 6 weeks, behaving like a spoilt child, stamping my foot and shouting “I want to ride a sexy bike, like everyone else”  Then TC said to me “another DNF at the Deca is going to be far more embarrassing than riding a Hybrid” He has a very good point I think.

So now I have it and yes, it’s heavier, looks a little clunky and there are definitely no aero gains to be had, but I am very excited to try it on the Enduroman bike course as soon as I can. It will be interesting to see how much longer it takes me and whether the ‘very upright’ position will eliminate the pain…

To be honest, I would ride a one-eyed camel if it meant reaching my goal of finishing on day 10 in Switzerland, so maybe BOB and I will be ok after all.

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