New year stuff

So another year has began and my resolutions are based on last year’s mistakes…

1. To train consistently and not make too many excuses.

Someone who I used to really respect recently said that I made my back pain an excuse to not finish the Deca and if it wasn’t back pain, it would be something else… That was really tough to hear and although he was completely wrong about the back pain (walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before making comments like that maybe?!) I have been guilty of making excuses when the going gets tough (hasn’t everyone…) and I am particularly focused on strengthening this area of weakness in 2016.

There is a time and a place when you have to call it a day, but looking back on 2015 (Quin non-starter and epic fail Deca) I feel that I could have done better with both events (just turned up at Avon Tyrrell!! and struggled to the forth day on the Deca maybe…) Ultimately, I hadn’t put the hours in with the training and neither event was going to end the way I wanted to, but there is nothing worse than looking back on a race and thinking ‘what if…’  I really want to avoid these situations as much as possible in the future.

2. To say ‘no’ more often and reduce work stress.

2015 (and the 3 years previous) have been frantic!  I have been setting up events, running events, learning timing systems, building websites, reccing routes, meetings all over the country and sleeping in fields for days on end! All this with the added stresses of running the company, working for another events company and bringing up my children (not to mention the cats…!) The stress has been huge and I don’t mind admitting that there has been more than a few occasions where I simply didn’t know if I could continue with it.

But I am not one to give up and I feel that I have now reached a place in my life and business where I have developed a strong gut feeling (and the confidence to actually listen and act on it). I will be making some changes to reduce the stress and get back to the reason why I started working in this industry in the first place (love of endurance events / mountains etc).

3. To eat better quality food / less junk.

There is little point in saying I will become vegan or give up caffeine / sugar. I have tried all of the above a fair few times and for the time being I seem to need my coffee and sugar fix. Also, I have given up Alcohol for over two years now (I’m very proud of that) and I think I need some treats in life, otherwise it all gets a bit dull. BUT I definitely need to up the fruit and veg and also, improve the quality of snacks in-between training sessions. It’s too easy to grab a bag of crisps or chocolate bar instead of taking the time to fix something with more quality nutrition and slow burning fuel.

In other news…

I managed to keep training over the Xmas period and I even kept my swimming up. Braving the stupidly busy pool (part of hotel chain) which was filled with parents and kids, all chucking massive frog shaped floats around the place (which are actually quite painful to swim into!) and generally annoying the serious swimmers.

The sea has been extremely rough and I have avoided it. I know there are some brave swimmers that are going in but I am looking to maintain my current high-ish level of open water confidence and being smashed around in the sea would destroy my hard earned gains in this area. However, I have visited a small lake hidden in the New Forest a few times. They haven’t been long swims, but it all counts towards acclimatising and more confidence. The only issue is that it is about a 25 minute drive and mild hypothermia gives me a slightly fuzzy head, not ideal for driving home after…

Other areas of training are going well. I’m enjoying my turbo and getting out for runs and I have also introduced some weight sessions 3 – 4 times a week and I am definitely getting stronger. One of my Christmas presents was a weights bench, which is getting a lot of use, not just from me –  the cats really enjoy sleeping on it too! 😉

Right, I’m off for a cup of tea, Mars bar and bag of Monster Munch.

Oh, bollocks…

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