It’s been a week…

It’s been a week since I got back from Mexico, but it feels longer. And the more days that go by, the more it feels like it was just some weird dream.

I’m not going to bore you with excuses of back pain and injuries, they are part of this journey. Of everybody’s journey. Although there was a moment where I screamed ‘fuck this fucking bike’ and promptly burst into tears. I felt better after crying.

The event was over shadowed by issues at home (out of my control) and my achingly slow pace. This is something I can control and after stating that I would not race long distance again, I am (as predicted) going to try again.

I know where I have been going wrong, by allowing work to be an excuse for not getting the proper training in. Skipping the short, speed sessions, missing the valuable strength exercises that I so need to help avoid injuries and get faster.

I thought that because I am so stubborn, I could grit my teeth and get through it. I may have been able to, but the one thing you need with a Deca, is some recovery time and the worst thing is being chased by the grim reaper with a stopwatch!

So, I will take all that I have learnt from the last 6 months and make some changes and keep on trying. My mum has always said that I am ‘very trying’ !!

Part of me really wanted to be able to be happy with doing a triple, but I’m not. And I will not stop until I am happy that I have properly trained and reached whatever goal that I can get to when I have given myself the best chance of success.

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