Two weeks today…

…I will be on day one of the Mexico Deca!

I am still busy with events but it’s starting to take over my mind. I feel positive about it at the moment, which maybe completely naive but I would rather start the event feeling happy and confident. I’m pretty sure the Deca will show me who’s boss fairly quickly!

My training was going well up to the week leading up to Brutal Triathlon, but then to be honest that event takes over my whole life. This year we ran the triple for the first time, so that made things harder and also the timing company we normally use couldn’t make it and I was ringing round to find a replacement a week before the event! No replacement was found so I had to make a scary decision to invest in our own timing equipment. This is something that was on the cards, but I wouldn’t have chosen that moment to do it!

Having said that I do believe in fate and things happening at the right time etc and I think the added bonus on having live results was awesome and allowed people to follow the athletes, rather than relying on my sporadic social media updates. I also really enjoyed having control over the timing and seeing where everyone was without bugging the poor timing guy, like I used to!  The pressure, however, of running the event and timing it was exhausting! Over the 3 days, I had 5 hours sleep and it took a whole week to get over that!

Great sleep depravation training for the Deca, but no actual training got done over that 2 week period. Not ideal… and when I finally got out for a run (recce for a half marathon I am organising) I found that both my IT Bands were shot and I ended up having to walk the last 3 miles of the run in a fair amount of pain.

I now realise that the run part of the Deca is going to be my biggest problem, which is weird as I have always struggled with the swim (cold / fears) and the bike (back pain) and I have always looked forward to the run section. But after my last event in August (Midnight Man Iron Distance – where I didn’t finish the run due to IT issues) and my last training run, I think that the 10 marathons could be a serious problem… to the point where I am taking my walking poles (Daughter suggested a Zimmer Frame!!) to help me if it gets really bad. Scary stuff.

Anyway, back to normal life for a few more weeks…

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